Monday, January 11, 2010

Your Expectation (12 January 2010)

Dear Class 104,

Welcome to a brand new year.

Before we start our lesson, I will like you to think of the following questions as an individual.

1) What are your success / joys you have experienced in the learning of Mathematics in your primary school?

2) What are your fear / difficulties you experienced in learning Mathematics?

3) What are your expectation of me as a Mathematics Teacher?


  1. 1) Doing well during well during the assessments and solving a hard problem.

    2)Not understanding a certain concept or doing badly in the assessments.

    3)I would say that I want a patient maths teacher who is willing to take the time to explain the concepts clearly to me.
    Arthur Lee

  2. The problem sums were challenging, but i was afraid of questions on fractions, i am also scared of timetables. I strongly believed that all math teachers can help solve difficult problems with ease

  3. I have learnt a lot of things that i did not know about Mathematics when i was in primary school, and i was able to learn and solve questions that i have never figured out before.
    My difficulties when learning was that i wasn't confident about my ability to do the sum and ended up not being able to complete it all because i doubted myself.
    I expect Mr Ng to be an engaging teacher who is fair and reasonable.

  4. 1) What are your success / joys you have experienced in the learning of Mathematics in your primary school?
    When I am able to solve a hard question.

    2) What are your fear / difficulties you experienced in learning Mathematics?
    I fear when multiple questions are too tough for me as I would lose a lot of marks.

    3) What are your expectation of me as a Mathematics Teacher?
    I expect that you would give us challenging but solvable questions.

  5. 1) when I have successfully managed to solve a problem sum, finally able to understand the methods to solve the questions and achieving a high grade for maths after my hard work.
    2) I had difficulties trying to understand and remember the various methods for the problem sums.
    3) I hope that you would be able to explain the methods clearly and in the simplest way for us to understand.Also, to teach us the fastest methods in solving problem sums.

  6. 1) My success/ joys that I have experienced is when I manage to solve a hard maths question that I did by myself.
    2)My fear/ difficulties I experienced in maths is that I do not understand why my answer is wrong or how to do a question. Thus I get very frustrated.
    3) My expectations of you as my maths teacher is that you explain patiently to us the questions that we do not know how to do until we understand.

  7. A1) I learnt a lot of fun and interesting ways of solving difficult maths.
    A2) Sometimes, I could not understand about what my maths teacher is talking about and also when some of the maths questions were just too hard, I got frustrated and fed up.
    A3) I hope that you will have patient teaching us and also teach us what we should learn and sometimes out of what we will be tested in O level or in tests.

    signing off,
    Tshin Qi Ren

  8. My successes were when I could solve difficult maths problems and when i passed the exams with flying colours. the difficulties that I experienced were when I could not solve difficult problems. my expectations are that you can teach us the method of solving some difficult maths questions.

  9. 1) I would feel happy whenever I got a question right in Maths worksheets in my primary school.
    2) Sometimes I fear that I might not be able to catch up with school work and not be able to understand some maths techniques used to solve certain kinds of questions or I can't solve a question that might seem solvable by other students.
    3) I expect you to not erase notes quickly and not be furious at people who can't solve easy questions and patiently teach the solutions of hard questions to people who might not be able to catch up.

  10. 1) I got A* for Mathematics during PSLE. It was a big shock as I was never confident of my skills in Mathematics.

    2) I have a phobia of Mathematics as I find it is the most difficult subject in primary school. What's worst is that my brother is very good at Mathematics so there is a high expectation. I am unable to solve difficult Mathematics questions though I know the basics,that is something I really need to work on.

    3) I hope that you are the person I can go up to if I encounter any problems with Mathematics. I am sure you love Mathematics as you are a Mathematics teacher so I hope that you will make me enjoy learning Mathematics too.

  11. 1. When you solved a really tough question that you have been trying to solve for days, using different methods, until you found the right one... "Eureka!" you'll cry. And you'll feel the joy and wonder. No pain, no gain!
    2. Memorizing to me is the most difficult part. Our Maths teacher drilled us, asking us to memorize all the different types of questions before exams. To me, I think that only when you solve the question proper, will you feel that you have achieved. If everything had been memorized for days, weeks... you can just open the drawer at the back of your head and "copy" whatever you have memorized. No joy, no sense of achievement...
    3. Tough questions is good for practice. Easy ones are just for the testing of the basic concepts. Should only be given before finishing a chapter. I think that you can give us a question each day, and we try to solve it when we get home. The next lesson, get one person to present the answer. Then discuss. Hopefully, this will take less than 10 minutes.

  12. 1) I enjoyed a small class size of 23 in the GEP, a strict but caring teacher, and the chance to learn maths that others older than me learn

    2) I have no fears in learning maths, but I am lazy (or efficient) as I prefer to use the shortest, most direct method.

    3) I expect you to be strict, yet kind and understanding, and teach us as much as you can.

  13. I think that mathematics may be quite fun if you know how to do the questions. I fear that secondary mathematics will be too difficult. I expect you to be an understanding teacher, that will wait for us to copy down all the notes if we are slow, and help us with our work if it is too difficult.

  14. Whenever I found solutions to a mind racking maths problem during the time I am in my primary school, I would be overjoyed. During the process of finding the solution, I will worry about how much time I have left and my ability in solving the sum. I expect that Mr Ng will guide me in learning Mathematics, encourage me to find better solutions for sums and value add to the knowledge I have regarding Maths.

    Kimberly Ong

  15. My joys i have experienced in the learning of Mathematics in my primary school is that teaching maths was through projects and outdoor activites.My difficulties that i experienced was when i could not solve some problems.My expectations of you as a Mathematics Teacher are that you will give us ample time to do work be it in class or at home and you will give us project work from time to time to make learning Maths more interesting and fun.

  16. I experience joy and success when I do well in my mathematics tests and when the teacher praises me of my good results. Some of the difficulties and fears that I faced when I am learning Mathematics are when I do not grasp the concept of a topic and when I do not understand fully of it. I also fear that I do badly for my mathematics tests. My expectations of the mathematics teacher are he must be patient and understanding and he must teach clearly and ensure that everybody understands the lessons and not fear to raise up their hands when someone does not understand something or have a question to ask.

  17. 1) I feel glad when I finally solved a problem when most of my friends could not

    2) The biggest difficulty I faced was when my class and I were racking our brains to solve one of the hardest questions we ever faced:
    WHY DOES 1 + 1 = 2. We thought that it would be surely come out as a question in the coming exams, but my teacher calmed us by saying that it was something we will only learn years later...

    3) understanding and fun

    by Isaac

  18. 1) I have experienced getting A*s for most of the Mathematics exams that I took during primary school so that is one of my joys.

    2) My difficulties learning Mathematics in primary school was that my teacher went too fast and always gives us problems that we cannot solve so I had difficulty grasping the concept.

    3) My expectations of a Mathematics Teacher is that they will give us reasonable amounts homework so we have time for other subjects and also get to have some rest.

    Ilya Haider Sec 1-04

  19. I cannot remember any success or joys I have experienced but I do remember that I had came across several difficult questions and I had to ask my teacher and/or the person sitting beside or behind me.

    I expect you to be approachable if I have any queries and I hope that not too much homework is given since we have a lot of subjects to learn.

  20. Mathematics during the early parts of primary school were relatively simple and easy to understand, and I mostly scored my examinations. But as time went, I began to slack and become overconfident. I did not take my studies seriously because I thought I could do it all.

    Year 2009 came, and I was in primary 6. I did not do well for my Prelims. In fact, I failed my Mathematics with a score of 47. It was really a kick in the gut for me. After that, I studied and drove myself harder in the mere days before PSLE, and ended up getting satisfactory marks.

    Failing was very nerve-wrecking, and I never want to experience it again. I strive to succeed in my studies in the future, and I hope Mr Ng is patient enough to teach me.

  21. I had found solutions to many of the problems by myself after thinking, and I felt very happy. When I improved in my maths i would also feel very happy. I also got an A* for my maths and felt overjoyed as I usually got lower marks for my maths
    I experienced quite a few difficulties such as when I did not know how to solve the questions and did not understand the solutions.
    I would like the teacher to help me understand the solutions to the questions that I'm not sure how to solve better and to be patient when i still don't get the solutions.