Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Viva Voce Assessment 2010

The objective of the Viva Voce Assessment is to enhance students' problem solving skills and Mathematical communication abilities.

Students will be assessed based on the following 2 criterions
1) Problem Solving Skills and Strategies
2) Concept and Mathematical Communication

Format of assessment
1) Students are to download a list of questions from their Mathematics Google Site on the 8 October 2010.

2) The questions are divided into 3 Categories, namely, Speed and Time, Area and Perimeter, and General questions.

3) Students are required to choose 1 question from each category, work out its solution and video their explanation and solution of the question using Photo Booth.

4) Each video should be label as follows "Class-Index No-Question No" eg. 104-01-Q2

5) All videos are to be email to by 10 pm on 10 October 2010 (Sunday) and written solution are to be submitted on 11 October 2010 (Monday)

6) Late submission will not be assessed.

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