Thursday, April 1, 2010

Am I Utilising My Mobile Plan?

Input your considerations & assumptions under the comment section


  1. 1) M1, Singtel and Starhub.

    2) 18(Starhub has the most because it offers both 2G and 3G)

    3) Price, free calls, free SMS,and how much you pay after you exceed free calls or SMS.

    4) You pay money per minute or per SMS.

    5) If you buy a more expensive plan, you usually pay less, and it is per minute of call or per SMS.

    6) If you did not exceed, then they are counted as "expired", and the free calls and SMSes are reseted.

  2. 3 companies in Singapore that provide mobile phone services are Singtel, Starhub and M1.

    Singtel offers iOne SuperValue, iOne Plus, iTwo Value, iTwo Plus,iThree, PlusiFlexi Lite, iFlexi Value, iFlexi Plus,iFlexi Premium. Starhub offers PowerValue80, PowerValue100, PowerValue300, PowerValue700, SmartSurf100, SmartSurf300, SmartSurf700, SmartSurfUnlimited. M1 offers SunLite, SunSaver, SunSaver Plus, SunMax, SunMax Plus.

    Monthly Subscription Fee, Free Local Calls, Free Local SMS/MMS, Free Local Data Bundle, Call Benefits, Free Benefits for Students and NSFs, Free Value-Added Services / Benefits made up a mobile price plan.

    We have to pay extra fees.

    We might want to add on to our plan and they are being calculated how many more benefits we want.

    They will be considered "expired"

  3. 1. M1, Starhub and Singtel

    2. 14 Starhub- 4, Singtel- 4, M1- 6

    3. monthly subscription, outgoing ocal minutes, SMS and exclusive benefits

    4. You pay for each of the minutes over the limit and each sms

    5. The more expensive the plan, the less you pay for the sms and calls.

    6. It would be considered as expired and would not be taken into consideration.

  4. 1) Singtel,M1 and Starhub.
    2)16 for Singtel. 18 for Starhub. 16 for M1 too.
    3)Free calls, Free SMS. When you exceed the SMS and calls and data charges.
    4)You pay the difference from the plan.(applies to SMS, calls, data charges and sometimes for downloading music.
    5)You pay more for exceeding the plan as well as paying for more calls and SMS, as well as for paying for an more expensive phones. TV services and data charges cause people to pay more.
    6)The plan will restart and we will pay for the proposed price per month.

  5. 1) Starhub, Singtel, M1
    2) Singtel:32 price plans
    Starhub:13 price plans
    M1:10 price plans
    3) SMS, the incoming and outgoing calls,
    and the data bundles.
    4) We have to pay extra if we exceed the
    quantity allocated for some of these
    5) SMS:1 SMS consists of 180 words and it costs 5
    cents per SMS.
    Calls:When it exceeds the time limit,you have
    to pay an extra cost.
    6) If you have an unlimited SMS, and unlimited
    calls, you do not have to pay for them. But if
    it does not exceed the quantity allocated,
    then you only need to pay for the amount of
    time you use, you do not need to pay extra.

  6. 1) The 3 companies are M1,StarHub and SingTel.

    2) SingTel: 32 price plans
    StarHub: 10 price plans
    M1: 10 price plans
    All are estimated.

    3) SMS, Cal Time (Incoming,Outgoing), Data Bundle.

    4) We have to pay extra for the component that you exceeded.

    5) Additional cost will have to be paid when you exceed the number of SMS, time of calls made and data bundle.

    6) You do not get a discount or pay more for not using the quantity allocated for some of the components.

  7. 1) M1, Singtel, Starhub
    2) Starhub: 16 Singtel: 16 M1: 11
    3) Calls, Video Calls, SMS, Internet Roaming
    4) You will have to pay extra for the components that you have used per min/ hour or per message.
    5) When you buy a more expensive plan, you usually have a better deal in the long run as you will pay less for every month or call/ SMS.
    6) If you did not exceed the quantity allocated, it will considered as “not used” and your plan will be renewed every month (considering the fact that you do not exceed your plan for every month)

  8. 1. M1, Singtel and Starhub.

    2. Singtel-5 Starhub-4 M1-4

    3. Monthly subscription, outgoing calls, sms, mms, incoming calls, video calls, data bundle.

    4. Pay according to have much they charge.

    5. More expensive ones means that you have to pay less and it is a better deal. SMS = 180 characters, 5 cent/min.

    6. Then you don’t have to pay and they thing sort of 'expires'.


  9. 1) M1, Starhub and Singtel

    2) Starhub offers 8 different price plans, Singtel offers 9 different price plans and M1 offers 9 different price plans.

    3) The duration of free local calls, number of free SMSes, free Local Data Bundle, Call Benefits, free Value-added Services/Benefits and Monthly Subscription.

    4) We would have to pay for the extra usage along with the monthly subscription.

    5) Overusage of SMSes, calls or Data, they are calculated according to what plan you are using, usually the more expensive the plan is, the less you would have to pay.

    6) You would not have to pay anything except the monthly subscription

  10. 1) Singtel, Starhub, M1

    2) Singtel 32, Starhub, 11, M1, 10.
    Note: This are all based on what I saw.

    3) Call time (incoming, outgoing), SMS, Data Bundle.

    4) We would have to pay according to the charges they give us after we exceed out monthly quota allowed.

    5) Call time, SMS, Data Bundle all need to be paid. But you should take a plan which will allow you to not pay for any of theses charges yet is light on you cash flow.

    6) We would just need to pay the bare minimum, which is the monthly subscription fee.

  11. 1) Singtel,Starhub,M1

    2) Singtel : 32 plans
    Starhub :8 plans
    M1:16 plans

    3)Monthly subscription,Call time,SMS,Benefits,Additional "add-ons"

    4)We would need to pay the extra charges for the exceeded amount.

    5)SMS (when you exceed the limit): 5 cents per SMS
    Call (when you exceed the limit): 20 cents per minute

    6)We would not need to pay any additional charges for these components.